Discover rich, beautiful colours from our bio sourced gel polish range with up to 10 day wear and gentle removal. This range is ideal for application over the natural nail.

 Manucurist products are available for purchase in store.


Green polish

  • Plant based laquer, up to 5 day wear (has shown great results of up to 3 weeks wear for pedicures)
  • Air dried
  • Doesn't add thickness to the nail
  • Choice of Base Mate Perfectrice or Base 5,5 base coat
  • Finished with quick dry Green Sunshine Top Coat 
  • Home removal - Use with Green polish remover made with bio sourced ingredients for safe and easy wipe off removal


Green Flash LED polish

  • Up to 10 day wear 
  • Cured in an LED lamp
  • Bio sourced ingredients
  • Doesn't add thickness to the nail
  • Ideal for use on natural nails as it provides nourishment, protection and damage-free removal.
  • Home removal - Soak off with eco friendly Green Flash polish remover. Soak for 6-8 minutes with cotton ball wrapped around fingers with foil to keep in place.

What is Base 5,5?

  • Provides a complete base coat of 5 plant extracts and 5 vitamins that treats, protects, moisturises and strengthens your nails.
  • Great for nails needing a break and some extra care.
  • Can be used on its own or as a regular base coat under Green polish.
  • Available for purchase in salon to take home.


What is Base Mate Perfectrice?

  • Is an enriched perfecting base coat that strengthens the structure of the nails, correcting imperfections and creating an immediate blurring result for the natural nail.
  • It can also be used as a mattifying top coat for Green polishes.
  • Can be used on its own or under Green polishes.
  • Available for purchase in salon to take home.

Manucurist service prep and aftercare

  • Emollient Efficace is a cuticle softener used for hard cuticles and protein build up on the nails during prep work.
  • Your service is finished off with rose scented Creme Mains and a generous application of Huile Verte cuticle oil

Upgrade your next salon visit with a range of gorgeous gel colours and glitters, using innovative formulations without the toxic chemicals and allergens, If you're looking for reinforcement, strength and promoting natural nail growth, then this range is a great choice.

Can be used directly on the natural nail or enhancements.

We offer a 2 week guarantee on hard gel services.

LE BIAB Jimmy Gel

  • Lamp cured LED builder gels 
  • Ideal for natural nail reinforcements
  • Adds minimal thickness to the natural nail
  • Professional salon removal is necessary, does not damage the natural nail
  • Refill or removal required between 3-5 weeks
  • Available in 2 shades of pink, natural, clear and translucent white
  • Can be used on its own with a matt or shiny top coat, or underneath P+ / Buttercreams / hard gels
  • Can be used for building length / extensions
  • Provides a flawless, smoothing base 
  • Allows growth and protection of the natural nail
  • Ideal for nail biters or those struggling to grow their nails. Depending on the individuals speed of nail growth, results can be seen within 2-3 weeks. A refill after 3-4 weeks will extend the longevity for further nail growth.
  • A strong structure makes it difficult / impossible for nail biting

LE P+ gel polish

  • Lamp cured LED gel polish 
  • Can be used on the natural nail or enhancements
  • Up to 21+ days wear
  • Beautiful french tips application
  • Professional in salon soak off removal is strongly recommended.
  • Can be used over BIAB overlays 
  • Can be used over extensions 
  • Infills possible
  • Nudes and pinks available

LE Gel

  • LED lamp cured gels and glitters 
  • Provides a 4+ week wear
  • Infills possible
  • Highly pigmented coverage 
  • Included with a BIAB base ensuring safe soak off removal
  • Range of various colours and glitters 
  • Can be finished with a matt or super shiny top coat

2 week touch-up

  • Touch up service offered to extend the life of your LE manicure
  • If you've had 3D charms and a hard gel application, still love your colour but need a touch up (fill in a stone, chip etc)
  • A touch up is subject to extent of work needed and should not exceed 20 minutes. A full manicure would then be recommended
  • €1 for replacement stone/crystal
  • Price of gel touch up is subject to work required and extent of chipping / stone replacement. Details are discussed when booking
  • Duration of touch up is dependant on time necessary to perfom the touch up
  • Includes a new top coat of matt or shiny
  • Applies to P+ and hard gel services
  • Applies only to services carried out by this salon
  • Spa manicure / cuticle work excluded

Your spa pedicure service includes naturally formulated scrubs, creams and oils promise a complete system of nourishment and care.


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Hygiene Protocol

Please reschedule your appointment if you have symptoms of cold or flu.

Tools, equipment and surface areas follow a high standard of disinfection and sanitisation after each client. UV-C sterilisation with heat is also used in the last phase to ensure all tools are optimally sterilised. 

We use LED lamps for curing 

Gloves are always used for services.

Table dust extraction is used

This salon does not use whirlpool or jet foot baths for pedicures

No acrylic, dips or acrylic powders are used