What is the difference between Green Flash and regular shellac or gels?

Green Flash is vegan and bio-sourced made from plant based ingredients. It's also very easy and quick to soak, remove and requires no filing at all!


What is the difference between Green and Green Flash ?

"Green" is a range of regular polishes. "Green Flash" polishes need to cure under a LED lamp similar to a regular gel polish.


What is the best way to store the polishes that I buy ?

The fridge is the best place to store the Green (Flash) polishes, and opening / closing them as little as possible when using. Reducing the temperature helps prevent the polish from evaporating and slows down the rate at which the ingredients deteriorate. 


Can I use Green Flash if I'm pregnant ?

Its best to avoid all types of nail polishes and products while pregnant, and recommend you speak to your healthcare practitioner for further advice.


Can using Green Flash cause allergies ?

Since it's formulated without harmful allergens, the risk of allergies is greatly reduced. However, it cannot be guaranteed that no-one will have a reaction. 


Can I place an order for delivery ?

If you would like to purchase products from Willow Rose, they are available in salon, or through a pick up arrangement. Delivery is not possible at this time.


What payment methods are accepted?

Cash and card (PIN)


Is there parking and public transport accessibility ?

Yes. You may park on the property for free. Please be aware of the gates and fence when exiting. For public transport, the closest bus stop is Aalsmeer Nieuw Oostende which is a few minutes walk.


Are group bookings / events possible ?

Due this being a home based salon, and the size of the service room, it's not possible to hold groups and events or service multiple clients at a time. It will only accommodate the booked client, so kindly come alone.

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