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The salon will be closed from 26th July to 19th August 2024. Last day for appointments will be 25th July with services starting again on Monday 19th August. Please kindly plan your infills/removals and other services well in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Willow Rose offers a unique beauty experience, and that starts with our professional quality non-toxic products. Treatments are tailored to suit you individually and to provide the best nail care and maintenance regime. Professional guidance and advice ensure you the best options for your beauty service in a warm and welcoming space. 

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Specialising in quality, professional hard gel systems from Light Elegance, Magpie Beauty, and

Après Gel-X(gel extensions).

Indulge in a variety of treatment options from classic gel colour overlays, a structured manicure -BIAB (Builder-in-a Bottle) or extensions of different shapes and lengths to choose from.  Hard gel treatments and Après extensions offer a 3-4+ week wear.

Short wear treatments use the best clean, bio sourced products on the market from Manucurist, allowing easy home removal and vary from typical air dry polishes to LED polishes which are cured in a lamp and ready to go! Manicurist services give you the freedom for a lovely healthy colour manicure (in a wide range of fabulous colours!) lasting up to 10 days.


Feel pampered and ready to step out with hands and feet that not only look good, but are healthy and nourished too.

We offer clean beauty treatments that put you and the health of your nails first.

BIAB reinforcements / overlays 

Après Gel-X Extensions 

Bio sourced regular polishes and LED polishes 

Semi hard gels up to 20 days wear (Light Elegance P+)

Hard gels up to 4+ week wear (Light Elegance & Magpie)



Nail art

(We don't provide acrylic services and removals)

By appointment only 

* Removals cannot be guaranteed on products that are applied by foreign salons. Conditions for removals apply.

You're in safe hands with professional service and high quality non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free products. Follow us on Instagram for our regularly updated nail gallery !

Your feet deserve to be pampered! Feel like new by indulging in a relaxing foot soak followed by an all round cleanup and scrub, finished off with a colour of your choice. 

Your clean & safe guarantee

 Whether you're looking for a simple colour you can remove yourself at home, a traditional gel treatment, or a classic spa manicure without polish, all our services include products that are gentle on you and kinder to the environment.

Many of the toxins that penetrate the nail bed are eliminated or replaced with hypoallergenic bio sourced alternatives.

We offer services based on professional products* that are :


Cruelty free

HEMA and Di-Hema free

IBOA, HPMA, HEA and HPA free

9-free and 12-free

Bio Sourced

Sustainably packaged 

Gluten Free

*applies to various individual products and their characteristics 

Our clean approach also includes the products used for prepping, starting from foot soak, lotions, oils, scrubs to finishing with hand/foot and nail care. We don't use brushes made from animal hair or byproducts.

Our Gel promise 

At Willow Rose, we aim to deliver you the best service every time. If you experience any problems with your treatment, you're guaranteed a repair within 2 weeks after the service. This applies to services for BIAB, hard gel and extensions only. We will always fit you in for a repair - because life happens!

Before and Aftercare

We truly want to help you get the most out of your experience and enjoy your treatment for as long as possible.

Upon consultation, we will discuss together and help with tailor made advice on how you can best maintain your manicure. 

Every client is valued as an individual and professional advice is on hand to help guide you through selecting the right products or service for you and offer you bespoke options that give you the best result, as well as tips on nail care.

Having trouble deciding which service or product is right for you? You'll find all the options here ..

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Why Choose us 

We are committed to making your salon experience relaxing, comfortable, and professional, dedicated to giving you that one-on-one time without interruptions or waiting times. Salon etiquette and hygiene are of highest importance to ensure our clients safety and comfort are always first. 

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Feel welcome in a friendly, calm, quiet atmosphere where you can soak in the relaxing music, cozy decorated neutral tones and ambient candles.

Sit back - Relax - Enjoy!

Still have questions? Happy to help. Contact via WhatsApp or Call Us

Client Testimonials 


My nails have never looked better thanks to Heidi and her expert care. She's guided me through growing out damaged nails by using BIAB, and even the removal of it left me with nails in the best condition of my life! Her knowledge, advice and guidance are truly world class!

- Sam

I love Heidi! She is a wonderful person and an amazing nail artist. I found her when I decided to use vegan products for my nails, after having a subcutaneous infection . I have tried most of her products and they are fantastic. They last long - more than the 2 weeks guaranteed- they are healthy and smooth for my nails. Never had an issue with infections again. I recommend Heidi’s services with no second thought.
- SR

I highly recommend Heidi as a nail specialist. She has great technique, a deep knowledge of her products, and the ability to create unique and beautiful nail designs. When I first went to Heidi, my nails were in a sorry state. They were short, brittle, and peeling. But within a few months under Heidi’s care, my nails have transformed into long, strong, and healthy beauties. Heidi uses only the highest quality vegan products, including gels that don’t damage your nails. She is also a super nice person and has a lovely studio at her home, where you can relax and enjoy your nail appointment.  

- Roberta 

Lovely environmentally friendly pedicure in a relaxed environment. It lasted much longer than I expected and Heidi was warm and professional. Great value for money.
- JK

Lovely experience in Heidi's salon. Very welcoming her home beauty nail spa. Can totally recommend her vegan products and Heidi is an amazing sweet person. Felt totally relaxed, and everything was done with detail.

- Janina

Great service and nice salon, clean and comfortable. Very happy with the products after a previous bad experience with allergies. Highly recommend and will be visiting again soon.
- Ilse

The atmosphere was peaceful. Loved looking out at the garden. My hands and nails looked pampered and nails looked neat. I would recommend this salon for an enjoyable relaxing time.


Thank you Heidi, for a wonderful and professional pampering experience today. Your attention to detail is beyond, something which is truly needed when paying for a mani and /or pedi. Can’t wait to book in again soon.


Lovely experience at Willow Rose. A beautiful retreat away from the madness with a gentle and personalised touch from Heidi. The products are great and lasted over the expected 10 days