Terms and Conditions

When you make an appointment by phone, text or email, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. 



These terms and conditions apply to any offer, treatment and transaction between Willow Rose Vegan Nail Bar and the client to which the nail salon has declared these terms and conditions applicable, insofar as the parties have not deviated from these terms and conditions explicitly and in writing. The business entity Willow Rose Vegan Nail bar will hereinafter be referred to as the nail studio.



The client is responsible for timeous sharing of all information that may be of reasonable or substantial importance relating to their treatment. The nail studio is not liable for damage of any kind which is caused by incorrect and/or incomplete data provided by the client, disclosed on the first appointment intake form. It is the clients responsibility to advise the nail studio in a reasonable time frame, and at the latest before the next scheduled appointment, of any changes to their medical data and / or wellbeing that will affect their service in any way. The client will need to fill out another intake form at the next appointment.

The nail studio will as reasonably as possible, inform the client of the financial consequences of the change or addition of the treatment.

The nail studio takes no responsibility for the failure of information provided by the client that relates to their service (including relevant information pertaining to previous foreign salon treatments). 

The client confirms that they are 18 years of age or older.


Appointments and cancellations

The client must notify the nail studio of any rescheduling or cancellations in writing (info@willowrose.nl) or by text on +31620022044, or web form on www.willowrose.nl as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment. If the client fails to comply with this obligation, the nail studio may calculate a 50% fee for the agreed treatment to the client. If the client arrives in the salon more than ten (10) minutes later than the scheduled time, the nail salon may reduce the treatment time and the full fee will be charged. Arrivals later than 20 minutes may be refused treatment and advised to reschedule their appointment or both parties may agree verbally on a minimised service. Should the nail studio not be able to honour the appointment at the agreed time due to an unforeseen circumstance, the nail salon must report to the client as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment, with exception in the case of sudden illness or emergency. Both parties are obligated to these terms unless in the case of force majeure. 

Appointments are reserved for the client for whom the treatment is being conducted. Children, pets and any other persons may not accompany the client to the salon.


Nail designs 

The nail studio will, to the best of ability, perform treatments in accordance to good practices and workmanship. Nail art and designs displayed under the name of Willow Rose Vegan Nail Bar in any media context is an indication only and cannot be guaranteed to the client. If the client offers pictures for inspiration of a design, the nail studio cannot guarantee this design as exactly shown and the client agrees that the design may differ depending on various factors. 



Removals of an alternate salon product(on fingernails and toenails) can not be guaranteed. The nail studio will not under any circumstances accept liability, responsibility or ownership of the service outcome if/when removing a foreign product. This includes financial compensation, physical discomfort, breakages, aesthetic abnormalities or compensation for the clients time. Applying two different systems on top of each other can / will lead to service breakdown. The client is strongly advised to have the removal done at the salon responsible for the initial application, and return once this has been performed. If in the case where this is not possible, Willow Rose Vegan Nail Bar will perform the removal in consultation where the client agrees to these terms. If the alternate salon has not removed the base product sufficiently when the client returns, these terms and conditions also apply. Removals done with the nail studios in house products are honoured with a 2 week guarantee.



The nail studio lists all prices of services and products, visible in the salon. The prices quoted are inclusive of 21% VAT. Prices may be subject to change without notice, but the client will be honoured their appointment fee / order / product sale at the time of booking / purchasing. The client will pay for the service immediately after completion. Products sold are cash on receipt. Cash and card are accepted. 



The nail studio reserves the right to ask for a deposit for any booking made online, by phone or text for future dates. The nail studio reserves the right to determine the size of these deposits on a case by case basis entirely at its discretion. The size of the deposit can be anywhere up to 100% of the sales value of the treatment / booking. Deposits are non refundable unless the client notifies the nail studio at least 24 hours prior to the appointment or in an exceptional circumstance expressed to the client, at least 5 hours before the scheduled appointment. If you change your appointment within the time frame expressed above, your deposit will be moved to the new appointment time. If you change or cancel your booking outside of the time frames expressed herein, the nail studio reserves the right to keep your deposit. If you are a no show, the nail studio reserves the right to keep your deposit, and charge you a non-refundable deposit on future bookings.



Prices of services and products are dependant on suppliers and increases at their discretion. Prices shown are the prices valid at the time. Should there be a change in the pricing of services and products, this will be updated on the website willowrose.nl as well as all integrated systems as soon as possible and are subject to change without notice. However, should you have an existing appointment or order actioned before the price change, the price of your order/product/service will be honoured. 


Confirmation of appointment 

When you book an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. If a deposit is required, you will receive a confirmation after the deposit has been paid. Your appointment is not confirmed until your confirmation email is received.

This applies when you reschedule or cancel your appointment as well. If you have not received a confirmation email, please call +31 620022044 or email info@willowrose.nl as soon as possible. The client understands that treatments and services are by appointment only and cannot be accommodated otherwise. The nail studio reserves the right, at its discretion,  to deny further services to clients who persist in no-shows, late arrivals, or late cancellations. 


Personal information and privacy

The client provides important information to the nail salon at first treatment in the manner of an intake form. The client should understand that this is necessary for careful and knowledgeable handling of their treatments. The nail salon registers the customers information on a private software system and is also kept on file. The clients information is not shared and is kept confidential, including confidential information the client has communicated during the service unless in such case as required by law/legal provision or court order or if deemed necessary to report due to the nature of the information. In this case the nail salon is obligated to provide confidential information to third parties. The nail salon treats the confidential information of the client according to the guidelines laid out in the Personal Data Protection Act. The nail salon will not sell or rent customer data to third parties without the prior written permission of the client.


Damage and private property 

The nail studio reserves the right of the client to claim damages of property, furniture, equipment and products on the property. This includes and is not limited to damages caused by vandalism, trespassing, breakages, destruction of property, injury and theft. The client understands that insulting, disrespectful and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and they will be asked to leave the property. Violations of a basic code of conduct and acceptable behaviour will result in appropriate action by law enforcement, a legal entity or the police.

The client will not trespass outside of the designated waiting area.

The nail salon is situated in a private residence. The client will treat the property and its content with respect and care. The nail studio reserves the right to deny access or entry without reason.



The nail studio does not accept any responsibility, ownership or liability whatsoever due to the fact that the clients service was based on the incorrect and/or incomplete information provided to the nail studio regarding previous alternative salon products used or application, physical conditions, allergies, medical conditions etc. The nail studio only accepts liability for services performed from the time the client arrives at the premises for their appointment, and not for other salon services performed in any capacity prior to the clients appointment. The nail studio will not accept any liability for existing complaints which include nail damage, pain, aesthetic problems, existing foreign product, infections, or any other physical complaint present at the time of their appointment. The nail studio is not liable for any health complications, allergy or other pathologies of any kind. The nail studio is not liable for loss, theft, or damage to personal property brought by the client to the salon. In signing the intake form, the client agrees to these terms.



The nail salon offers the customer a seven (7) day guarantee on gel nails, builder gel and extensions as well as nail art (3D nail art cannot be guaranteed, however, will be repaired or replaced free within the first 7 days with regards to gems, stones, etc.). In this warranty cover, up to 2 nails (of which treatment stated above) can be repaired free of charge within this time frame. The nail salon offers the client a 2 (two) week guarantee on services which is based entirely on the Light Elegance brand, where the client is entitled to a repair on a case by case basis, honouring the conditions detailed below. The nail salon will only apply nail extensions of the maximum length deemed reasonable and which is available in the salon. Other services performed cannot be guaranteed.

The guarantee stated above does not apply if :

- The client has maintained the nails by third parties

- The client has used abrasives and chemicals damaging to the nails.

- The client has directly or indirectly broken the nail

- The client has used other third party products for maintenance on the nails

- The client did not seek advise for medical care within 5 days

- The client did not use products according to the instructions 

- The client has misinformed the nail salon with regards to pregnancy, misuse, drug use, illness, poor aftercare, nail biting and age.


Orders and products sold 

The nail studio allows the sale of products found in the webshop to clients, on the condition that they are available and in stock. The nail studio will inform the client as soon as possible or at most within 2 working days if a product is not in stock or if a product needs to be shipped in and advise the client of the waiting time accordingly. Stock or availability cannot be guaranteed.

The nail studio doesn't offer shipping or delivery. Products can only be ordered for pick up or purchased at the physical salon at the time of treatment.

Products sold include 21% VAT. Products ordered are payable in advance if ordered online, and payable immediately if purchased in the salon. A receipt can be provided by email if requested.

Products that are sold once in possession of the client cannot be returned or refunded and sales are final. The nail studio cannot guarantee that the product has not been used, opened and / or contaminated. 



Complaints must be reported in writing through the contact form of the nail studio Willow Rose Vegan Nail Bar(www.willowrose.nl) as soon as possible but within 5 days after discovery. The nail studio must respond adequately to the complaint within 5 business days. If the complaint is treatment based, the nail studio will perform the treatment as agreed, unless it has been proven not to be beneficial for the client or the client has not complied to the terms and conditions herein. In this case, the client will be informed of such in writing. If the nail studio and the client cannot reach agreement, the complainant may file the dispute with a legislator or mediator. 

If the complaint is regarding a product purchased or an order, please refer to "orders and products sold" section of the terms and conditions. 


Discounts and offers 

- Gift and discount coupons are not exchangeable for cash.

- Discount coupons are not valid in combination with other offers.

- Only one discount coupon can be used per customer / treatment 

- Offers are valid for the duration specified, or while stocks last.

- Gift vouchers or coupon codes must be presented at the time of booking.

- Refer a friend scheme is ongoing and is applicable for as many times a friend is referred, however it is not compoundable and applies at the set amount, once per treatment.The discount is only activated when the friend referred completes the first appointment in manner of a treatment. The discount will apply at the first appointment. The "referee" will subsequently be eligible for the discount for a service directly afterwards. The discount offered in this scheme cannot be used in combination with another voucher or offer at the time and cannot be used for discounts on products, only services.

- All other Reward schemes offered wether temporary or permanent, are at the discretion of the nail studio and are subject to the conditions expressed under the Reward description on the website www.willowrose.nl. The nail studio reserves the right to remove, update and discontinue rewards offers at any time. 

- The client may not adjust, extend or manipulate a Reward offer.

- Appointments made for special promotions which are more than 2 weeks in advance of the promotion, may be liable to render a deposit to the nail studio.



Dutch law applies to any agreement between the nail studio and the client. These terms and conditions have been filed at the offices of the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In the event of an explanation of the content and the meaning of these terms and conditions, the Dutch text is always determinative. The last registered version of the Terms and Conditions are applicable as it was at the time of the conclusion of the agreement. The nail studio reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions as and when it is necessary to do so. The client remains responsible to read and familiarise with these Terms and Conditions at any time.